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Jetzt die Kacheln ab 51 bei Ebay ersteigern! Out now:

On Sunday a successful exhibition in the Ludwig Forum, Aachen, Germany, came to an end. For four weeks the first floor was actively visited with roughly over 500 guests - apart from the opening day.

I would like to thank Mr. Harald Kunde, the director of the Ludwig Forum for granting the great premises. Likewise I would like to thank the museum personnel, they were all very friendly, cordial and cooperative. And special thanks to Mr. Karl-Heinz Jeiter, of the educational department of the Ludwig Forum, for his uncomplicated support with all upcoming questions.

All Artists here!

Now it is the final phase. Starting on November 10th the tiles # 1 to # 50 will be shown again at Bona-Vitae in the Triebelsstrasse 8, Aachen, Germany for further bids.

All tiles starting from # 51 will be auctioned off at ebay starting on November 26th. There you can see a lot of new tiles. Thanks to ebay we can offer the tiles to people worldwide including the set of 4 from Herbert Achternbusch.

At this point I would like again to thank all the artists, hobby painters and pupils who took part in this event.

Gabriele Prill

With the ebay seller name bunter_kreis_aachen you can find the tiles from November 26th on ebay for ten days. Please place bids, it is for a good cause!

Le Idée

Mettre en place une action pour une bonne cause, provoquer quelque chose de positif, cet idée à été developée par l’artiste Gabriele Prill de Aachen, mettre la conséquence en action.
100 artistes designe 100 carrelages et ceux-ci seront vendu aux enchères à l’occasionde certains évenements.

Armin Laschet, ministre pour les generation, familles, les femmes, l’integration de la region NRW à est le patron de "Künstler helfen Kindern".

Pour la modération de la vente aux enchères, Hans-Dieter Jurewicz est connut au delà des frontieres l’euregio.

Der neue „Naissence" - Duft unterstützt die Aktion! mehr...


Margit Gubin from Schweriner Wollgestaltung / Germany
Christopher Georgesco from USA
Delbert McBride from USA