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The Idea

In 2007 the artist Gabriele Prill startet with a lot of enthusiasm the event „artists help children“.

100 artists had designed 100 tiles. The variety of the works of art was large, as in painting technique, material and design. The tiles were auctioned in the Musikbunker Aachen in favor of the BUNTEN KREIS e.V.. It was important to her, to organize and to design an event that everybody would benefit from. The artists, which were presented here and made these events possible with their artwork, got a lot of press as well as the BUNTER KREIS e.V. who got the proceeds of these events.

In 2014, the event will take place at the Stadttheater Aachen. Ulla Schmidt, member of the German parliament a.D., took over the patronage.

There will be a special one - day opening at the Frankenberger Castle

100 Künstler – 100 Kacheln 2014
Contemporary art-tiles are shown at the Stadttheater Aachen
July 1stJuly 13th 2014

This project
, which was already realized in 2007 in the museum Ludwig Forum Aachen, 2009 in the Zinkhütter Hof, Stolberg and again in 2010 in the Couven Museum Aachen, goes back to the initiative of the artist Gabriele Prill. In 2012 the event was "lent" to Schwerin.

The basis of all artistic conception is a tile. The tiles will be worked on
with different materials, like porcelanpaint, copper sheet, steel, oil- and
acrylpaint, gold leaf, glue, wood, glass, burlap, spraypaint or silicon. The
result is so diveres as well as the artistic rudiments.
Not only regional artist as well as supra-regional and sporadic
international artists participate in this action which ends up in a social
The auction of the 100 tiles whose proceeds will go to the BUNTER KREIS in the region Aachen e.v. will be on July 13th.
July 1st 12 a.m.

E-Mail: info@100kuenstler-100kacheln.de

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Delbert McBride
Palm Springs, Kalifornien

Jos Ehlen in her studio

Participated twice:
Wolfgang Müller / Berlin

From the beginning: Karl von Monschau...


Künstler helfen Kindern Aachen new event on www.100kuenstler-100kacheln.de