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The Participation

In favour of the BUNTEN KREISES in the region Aachen e.V., 100 tiles, designed by artists will be auctioned. The tiles can be done any which way and there is no restriction to the topic. The designed tile must have the size 20 x 20 cm, (8 x 8 inches) and the contact address of the artist on the back. Tiles, which are not tiles, like wood squares, plastic, cardboard etc. will not be accepted.

The artist must send his tile (one per person) carefully packed please to: Gabriele Prill, Frankenberger Str. 16, 52066 Aachen, Germany

participationform here...

Entry deadline is the 05-15-2014
All 100 tiles are presented on the website www.100kuenstler-100kacheln.de with a photo of the artist, a photo of the tile and short description of the tile. In addition the artists are asked to write some words to their work of art for example the condition of the tile (fireproof etc.) and to their idea or make a statement of their artwork in general as well send a photo of the tile and of himself. A link to the website with the artist homepage is possible. The description and the photo of the tile as well as the artist contact will be used for a catalog. Photos and a short text will only be accepted in digital form. Mail to: info@100kuenstler-100kacheln.de

The photo of the tile will be done by textbildweb.de.
Please do not attach a hanging advice. The website www.100kuenstler-100kacheln.de is constantly updated, so that interested people are always informed about each new entrance.

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von: textbildweb.de

Delbert McBride
Palm Springs, Kalifornien

Jos Ehlen in her studio

Participated twice:
Wolfgang Müller / Berlin

From the beginning: Karl von Monschau...