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If a child is born too early or seriously ill, if an accident or a serious, chronic illness change the life effectively, the shock for the family is very large. The BUNTER KREIS in the region Aachen, a registered association offers socialmedical aftercare in the city and the region of Aachen, Germany, to families of seriously ill or handicapped children with chronic desease or cancer. It accompanies the families in the frequently very difficult transition of the stationary treatment on the way home. Already in the hospital an employee of the BUNTER KREIS contacts the family. Afterwards, she visits them at home and helps with advise by phone as well. She supports and accompanies the family and provides an optimal network with physicians, therapists and other health offers. Beyond that she assists with official affairs. The proposition of the BUNTE KREIS is free for the families. The associacion is funded mostly by sponsers, donations and support money. The tile events of the past years brought a new level of awarness for this organization. The press supported the events very much as well as radio and t.v. The proceeds of the previous events contributed to help more ill children and their families. The BUNTE KREIS is a country wide active association, which is represented with 60 organizations in Germany.

More information: www.bunterkreis-aachen.de

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